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Hahnemann Healing 
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Hahnemann Healing Sessions

Deal with the negative emotions that hold you back in life

Hahnemann healing is a process whereby energy is delivered to specific points on the body with the aim of removing emotional blockages, which are stored in the body. It can be used to target specific issues or as a maintenance therapy. The process: A short consultation to establish concerns, followed by a 30min session on  a treatment bed; first you will receive a 'balance' and then relevant points on the body are administered energy. You will remain fully clothed and only light touch is used. Hahnemann healing is suitable for adults, children and babies.

Refer to Hahnemann Healing Website for more info

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Hahnemann Healing Training Course

Do you have a desire to help others heal their emotional pain? Become a Hahnemann Healing Practitioner

Please contact me if you wish to become a certified Hahnemann Healing Practitioner and I will notify of next training dates.

Hahnemann Healing for Animals 

Animals, like humans suffer from emotional problems.

These can lead to all sorts of behavioural issues such as constant barking, not listening when their owner calls, chewing up things, or aggressive or fearful behaviour around other animals or people.


Hahnemann Healing is a fast and effective way to treat these issues and more.   Whether you have dogs, cats or horses, all are suitable for Hahnemann Healing and will make fast progress in creating more harmony for you and your animals.  

Cat and Dog
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