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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is a good candidate for Hahnemann Healing?

Anyone who is feeling negative emotions, has experienced challenges in their life, is feeling down or upset, is having relationship problems, or has been through a relationship breakup, is not getting along with others, feels stuck, or can't shake an ongoing illness or physical condition, i.e. ongoing colds, or repetitive back pain.

How many Hahnemann Healing sessions do I need to have?

New clients are recommended to start with a minimum of three sessions and re-assess there after.

What does it feel like receiving Hahnemann Healing and how will I feel after a Hahnemann Healing session?

Hahnemann Healing is delivered on a treatment bed, you remain fully clothed, its a very relaxing gentle experience receiving Hahnemann Healing. After the treatment, it's normal to feel more relaxed, uplifted, tired, calm.

How does Spiritual Counselling differ from Traditional Counselling?

Traditional counselling provides professional assistance to allow you to cope with issues in your life. Spiritual Counselling is a values based therapy and allows you to understand where these issues actually began in your life, why it currently affects you, which values are being compromised and provides you with a different mindset as to how to operate.

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