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Counselling Specialty Areas

Spiritual Counselling is not about teaching you to 'cope', it is about helping you to grow! It's a supportive therapy that enables you to achieve more understanding and joy in your life. It helps you to identify your values, what's important in your life and how to move forward.

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Relationship Counselling

Life is challenging and some of the most challenging aspects involve relationships. Relationships are the cornerstone of our existence, whether you are in a troubled love relationship or not having any success finding a supportive love relationship, having difficulties with a family member or work colleague or friend, any of these scenarios can weigh heavily and create a more negative mindset. This is where I can help you, to draw you out of that negative mindset and help you identify the real issues and how to move beyond them and how to build better more mutually supportive relationships. 

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Men's Counselling

Perhaps you are struggling with the pressures of life or you have been through a divorce and are still trying to put the pieces of your life back together. I offer support to Men specifically tailored to Men's emotional needs.


Family Counselling

Families, like individuals can experience tough times such as divorce, kids not getting along with new step-parents or vice-versa, or death of a loved one. Sometimes families are comprised of individuals that don't necessarily get along, this can be for all sort of reasons; personality clashes, different values, or conflict. I offer parents and children equal support to work through issues mutually and help reduce negativity. I provide families with the skills to help increase the love shared within their family and develop a more supportive environment for all.  

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