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In a world where negativity is already dominating, the introduction of all this unnecessary fear associated with a certain virus and all of this “isolation”, has made it easier to slip down the pathway to darkness. What we must do now more than ever, is say NO to negativity!!

Actively catch our spoken words, thoughts, and feelings that might be of a somewhat dour nature, and try to find the positive instead. Believe it and live it!! No faking necessary. There will always be true tragedy that passes through our lives and in those times it’s important to feel the emotion that comes with it.

It’s human to connect in the negative and yet it doesn’t help us at all. Why do we partake in a behaviour that doesn’t do us any good? If you were raised in a negative household, it may be all that you know. It's a learnt behaviour and may take time to recognise and subsequently modify this pattern. The reality is that you may not even realise that you’re being negative! The evidence will be in the how you feel. Negativity leaves us with a heavy feeling. We are aiming to feel light!

Be mindful that when we allow ourselves to be pulled down into a dark sludgy bucket of negativity we are saying no to LOVE. Negativity blocks our ability to feel LOVE. We all need more LOVE in our lives!! Don’t allow yourself or anyone to block your access to LOVE!

In the words of Nelson Mandela: “…when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same…”.

Be a beakin of HOPE and share your LOVE with the world!

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Are you in a relationship? Sometimes it can feel so challenging that it causes you to question if it's worth it. Love is so important and you mustn't give up hope, so what do you need to succeed? Below, I've listed a few essentials to help foster the love in your relationship:

· Prioritise your relationship - your relationship should be your number one priority in both you and your partner’s life. This can be challenging once kids come into the picture, but it’s essential if you want to sustain a loving relationship.

· Feeding your relationship - by investing yourselves emotionally into your relationship you are feeding it. The reality; your relationship requires both of you to feed it, or it can’t survive. You both need to feel loved!

· Relationship growth - if one of you is wasting time and no longer moving forward, you are holding the other one back, not only stifling the growth of your partner but also inhibiting the love in your relationship. For a relationship to progress, you and your partner need be heading in the same direction.

· Treat each other as equal - there is no place for dominance in a relationship. You can’t love your partner if you are trying to control him/her.

· Trust your partner - there has to be mutual trust between you both for real love to grow.

· Being genuine is essential for the success of a love relationship - not representing yourself in your truest sense is simply being dishonest and love can’t exist without honesty.

· Taking each other for granted - this never does a relationship any good, be under no illusion, the other always feels it and at some point this will have a negative impact on your relationship.

· There is no such thing as a perfect relationship - relationships require work. Having a real relationship means that at times there will be periods that feel unsettled. Be determined to work through your issues, sometimes you may feel like you don’t have the energy and all you want to do is sweep it under the rug. Not dealing with issues will eventually produce cracks in the relationship, therefore working through issues as they arise is always a better option and know that by doing so, you are both growing in your relationship. When you grow, the love you feel for each other expands!

· Listen to each other - actually hear your partner’s needs and do your best to support each other so that each other’s needs are met.

· Hug it out - so much can be healed with a good hug.

· Demonstrate your love - words are nice but your actions tell the real story. Lip service becomes apparent quickly and only serves to detract from your relationship as it breaks down the trust.

· Communication - no matter what is going on, you have to keep communicating. If this breaks down, your relationship is in trouble and you need to get help!

· Sexual attraction - a successful love relationship needs sexual desire to keep it alive. If you or your partner has lost interest sexually, it’s serious and it’s vitally important that you open up a dialogue about it as soon as possible.

· Above all, be prepared to compromise - when you can put the needs of your relationship above your own personal needs, you will know you are heading towards the Holy Grail of relationships.

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Updated: May 5, 2019

Are you trying to find a love relationship? Since the birth of internet dating, it feels like finding your significant other will be the most epic challenge of your life! So how can you speed up the process of meeting someone special?

A combination of these few keys things will definitely help! The first thing you need is a desire for a loving relationship. This may sound simple enough, but consider how loving relationships were modelled to you growing up. If you had really great examples of what a ‘loving’ relationship looks like, wonderful!! However, if you had ‘not so loving’ relationships modelled to you it may be worth reviewing past relationships to see how that has influenced the types of people you have attracted into your life. If you can see a pattern of unsuccessful relationships emerging then it’s time to seek help!

Have an understanding about what love means to you, how do you express love, how do you like it expressed to you and what qualities you are seeking in another.

The next thing you need is action! As long as you take action, you’ll eventually be steered in the right direction. There is however a difference between going through the motions (What! I’m taking action aren’t I??) and passionately and excitedly approaching the activity. Be aware of the energy you are putting out; this will affect who’s coming into your life.

Sometimes the process of internet dating can wear you down… Internet dating fatigue – it’s a thing! Recognise it and take yourself away from it for a while. So what should you do? It’s time to engage in some self-nurturing! If you want someone to love you, you need to love yourself first! Treat yourself to something that makes you feel special. It could be a massage, or day spa visit, or a float, whatever it is that makes you feel good within yourself. When your energy is back up, it’s time to get back on the proverbial horse! There’s no time to waste! So take yourself to a gig, or a gallery, or a café, or a market, basically anywhere that people gather holds the potential for you to meet someone!

Do you have a pet? If not, maybe it’s time to consider one. Animals are a great source of love and allow you to keep your heart open and the love flowing.

Another really important step in trying to find a loving partner is to push your loving energy out every day. Dig deep for the most loving feelings you can find within yourself and send those feelings out. The more love you send out, eventually the more love will come back to you.

Good luck in your Quest!! xx