About Me

Like most, I started out on a different career path in life. What I came to realise is that I have a great desire for helping and supporting others. I explored this desire, which lead me to a Certificate in Health Coaching (Deakin University 2006), a Diploma in Spiritual Counselling (Sphinx Spiritual 2015), a Certificate in Hahnemann Healing (Sphinx Spiritual 2016) and a Certificate in Concomitant Healing (2017) in addition to my Honours Degree in Health Science (La Trobe University 2004) and now Hahnemann Healing Trainer (2019).

I have a great desire to help people.

BHSc (hons), Dip Spiritual Counselling, Cert Hahnemann Healing, Cert Health Coaching, Cert Concomitant Healing,  Certified Hahnemann Healing Trainer

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