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Radiant Healing Goal:

Delivering You back to Your Authentic Self 

Your authentic self is loving. Negative behaviours are learned. My goal is to help you to overcome difficult times in your life and move towards a more rewarding and love filled existence.    


With the pressures of life sometimes this can feel unattainable. Emotional pressures in relationships, financials pressures, higher stress and less support, can create an environment that makes it harder to maintain a positive outlook. Increasing levels of negativity eventually lead to a loss of hope. Where there is no hope, there is little growth. 

 I aspire to help you to grow and move beyond the pain of the past and in doing so, help you to achieve a greater sense of personal well being, more harmony in your relationships and an overall greater satisfaction in your life.

Embrace Your Future with Radiant Healing

Too much of life is spent feeling worried, fearful, or stressed. So much of our time is wasted on negative emotions and we often only realise this when it's too late. Make a decision today to choose a better life for yourself!  

What I offer

I offer Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing and Concomitant Healing. Holistically caring for the mind, emotions and body  I love all of these modalities! I became a qualified Spiritual Counsellor in 2015 and what stood out about this style of counselling, is how supportive it is in truly helping you to understand yourself, assisting you to establish real change in your life and move beyond the experiences in your life that have held you back.  

Hahnemann Healing is a nurturing form of emotional healing that is very powerful.  It enables you to release the hurts and negative feelings stored in your body which if not dealt with, can lead to physical illness. These therapies can be used in conjunction or independently and offer an alternative way forward that is more loving and joyful.

Concomitant Healing provides fast relief from physical pain, resulting from emotional hurts stored in the body, it can be used for chronic or acute pain.

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Spiritual Counselling 

Helping you to grow beyond life's difficulties   

Spiritual Counselling is a process whereby I will assist you to identify the real cause of your issue, where it began in your life and why it currently affects you. I will help you to identify your values and to make decisions to resolve the issue/s that are aligned to these values. Spiritual Counselling is direct, honest and is aimed at establishing change.

Hahnemann Healing 

Powerful Emotional Healing  from Ancient Egypt

Hahnemann Healing is a powerful form of emotional healing that deals with the negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in life which can lead to illness. It is a deep, gentle and uplifting therapy that can form a significant part of a process of change to move forward in your life from old emotional blockages.

“INCREASE your height in life and REDUCE your shadow, don't block the sun, BE THE SUN!”

Leonardo Da Vinci

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